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Soulinu | Non Alcoholic Beverages

SoulinU Hemp-Infused

Distinctive + Bold Non-Alcoholic Beverages and

Health + Wellness products.

Best ingredients in, create best products out.

Taste the difference.

Feel the difference. Hangover-Free.

Quality Craftsmanship

Why SoulinU?

SoulinU (soul drink) was an idea to start a beverage brand + great tasting non-alcoholic flavored spirits from crazy great water. (Yep, water!). We travel far and wide for the finest ingredients and mix our spirits from scratch. We created our own process, because it was difficult to obtain a high quality hemp oil that was pure and free of chemicals and added ingredients. 

SoulinU only works with organic farmers producing the highest quality hemp plants. No heavy metals, no pesticides, no disrespect to nature. The result is a hemp oil that tastes and smells just like the plant. Pure, quality hemp oil.


In our Diverge line, each NA hemp spirit alternative carries the flavor characteristics of the spirit they replace without the sugar or sweetness. 


None of our signature flavors are overpowering. This allows for home bartenders + mixologists to make a simple drink by adding only fresh fruits, herbs, juices, or sodas. We did the hard part, so you can’t go wrong. Be creative and enjoy the art of experimentation. 


SoulinU = low cal, low sugar, high quality non-alcoholic cocktails.

Non Alcoholic

What Is Diverge?

Diverge is a non-alcoholic hemp-infused spirit available in four flavors: tequila, gin, rum, vodka (rosé coming soon!). Hemp oil is infused into each ounce of each spirit alternative so that we can get that feeling of calm and relaxation without the alcohol.


Brewed, never distilled. Enjoy great taste without the hangover... An uplifting feeling with every mocktail you create.

Feel the difference. Enjoy the ride!

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Diverge | Non Alcoholic Beverages
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Soultopia | Non Alcoholic Beverages

What Is Soultopia?

Our hemp oil is the most effective way for your body to receive all the benefits of the hemp plant. Soultopia infuses our pure-rich oil into carefully crafted, well-balanced drinks, delivering an experience that is enjoyable through the last drop!


All of our beverages deliver on taste, texture, clarity, quality and the health benefits you're looking for. Crystal clear hemp oil. Every drop is the same, from the first sip to the last.

SoulinU Pursoul + Live Resin

SoulinU's PurBlend, water-soluble hemp extract, was the first of our unique products -- developed to help people with pain and inflammation. 

We set ourselves apart from other hemp products by purifying our extracts to produce pharmaceutical-grade hemp oils with the highest concentration of cannabinoids per milliliter. As a result, in order to reap the same benefits as competitors more diluted products, you will need to use a much smaller application size of our products. 

Affordable, without compromise. Feel the difference with SoulinU.

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Pure Hemp Oil Infused Products

We created a unique line of organic HEMP OIL products:

beverages, tinctures, balms, salves, dog treats and non-alcoholic spirits

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